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Brussels sprouts: yay or nay?

You might be asking yourself, “what do Brussels sprouts have to do with social media?” Good question! The answer is this: it’s not about the controversial cruciferous vegetable, but about the the power of engaging content.

As an experiment, I posted a very simple question on Facebook. And the engagement is CRAZY!

Look at this screenshot, and especially the comment indicated by the arrow.

engaging content image

throw some bacon on those sprouts! ????

Think about this: nobody wants to be sold to; but everyone likes to be entertained! When you create content that is entertaining, engaging or informational, you are connecting with your audience on a very different level.

Of course it’s important that we include marketing messages that convert, but keep in mind how powerful engaging content can be. Finding a perfect combination of relationship marketing and CTAs is the key. It’s the bacon to your Brussels sprouts!

When it’s time for someone to purchase your product or services, or support your efforts, they will remember that time you made them laugh by talking about Brussels sprouts. After all, it IS social media, so why not have some fun with your marketing message on occasion?


ps. I’ve never been a fan of Brussels sprouts, but I did try these from the Cahill Bistro in Minneapolis, MN. And they were sooo yummy! Now if only all sprouts were this good.



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