3 Ways You Can Expand Your Social Media Reach


3 Ways You Can Expand Your Social Media Reach

Whether you are trying gain new customers or just want to network with other professionals like yourself, your presence on social media matters. Let’s face it, networking is not like how it was back in the day.  Twenty years ago, business owners would see an ad in the paper for a networking event only to be greeted by stale donuts, bad coffee, and an unreliable group of business owners who may or may not call you back. The internet has made networking a lot simpler, more global, and with the rise of social media, a lot more personable.

Talk Anytime3 Ways You Can Expand Your Social Media Reach

The best thing about the internet? It doesn’t close, so your profile can be viewed at any time on the internet. LinkedIn is one of the best social media sites out there to connect and network with. Organic reach on there can take a lot of elbow grease (manually connecting everyday with people in your field, or people you want to connect with), but it’s very much worth it as it targets people in your area. You also have the option of connecting out of the country. LinkedIn Premium can get you a wider reach for 30-50 bucks a year. Messaging on LinkedIn or similar sites like Facebook Messenger is slowly replacing other tools used for networking, like email!

Stepping Stone for In-Person Meeting

Gaining new customers by joining Facebook groups is not a new tactic, but when connecting on Messenger, a lot of people forget to take the conversation offline. In fact, 68% of junior level professionals value face to face meetings. If your prospect is not local, or if you are just not in their area, a Zoom or Skype session would suffice. All communication breaks down to what a person says and how they say it (the 60/40 rule), it’s important to figure out what your client needs in person.

Don’t Promote, Engage!

While you can use your social media to promote your business, don’t forget to engage with your audience and have fun! It’s easy to get lost in the day to day with social media and it can be hard to come up with content that  doesn’t self promote, but you will get more reach and engagement by just being yourself! Coming up with content that is new and fresh is all about highlighting what you are all about! If you are a holistic marketer, talk about why natural foods works for you and how it impacts the way you live. This will give insight into your strategies as a marketer to your customers.


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