6 Ways to Impact Your Business with Video Marketing





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1. Clearly Define Your Goals of Your Video Content


Before you record a single video, take a moment to define what your video should achieve, what your audience should obtain from watching your video, and what you as the creator should gain from producing your video. Oftentimes, you may be tempted to create videos for the sake of creating videos without developing a strategy to execute on. Video content is a powerful tool for your business if you take advantage of the single most important step of defining your goals.

Although it is obvious that your main goals are to convert and or increase sales. Abstain from creating salesy type of videos, unless your video is intended for a video ad. No one likes to be sold to. A potential customer can smell it a mile away and will be forever turned off from your video.

A realistic goal for a single video or a series of videos will spring a sense of curiosity and will provoke your potential customers into inquiring about your services, calling and asking for a quote, or even subscribing to your mailing list to receive more information. This action will soon or later turn into a conversion.

2. Use Videos To Promote Lead Magnets And Grow Your List

A lead magnet is an incentive that marketers offers to potential buyers in exchange for their email address. Building an email list could be very pricey. However, creating video content can help you offset the cost while developing new and long-term relationships twenty-four seven with potential customers. Presenting valuable content is the key to growing your email list.  Your email list is the lifeline of your business. Without a list, you don’t have anyone to market your services to. It is essential that you create a lead magnet (pdf downloads includes coupons, Ebooks, Exclusive Articles, etc.) in order to grow your list. You then would need to create a video to highlight a few key points of your content to create curiosity from your potential buyers to subscribe to your mailing list. After your potential buyer subscribe you will deliver the promised incentive. But most importantly, you will have the ability to develop a relationship with your potential buyers by sharing content about your brand on a regular basis. People buy from other people that they know like and trust. This will be your opportunity to share the benefits of how you can make their life better by providing them with valuable products or services.

3. Provide Instructional Video Content Around Your Product & Services Without Selling.

So now that you have collected a few email addresses on your email list. Now is the time for you to deliver valuable content. The goals here is to turn your email list subscribers to customers and from customers to raving fans. Then you rinse and repeat.

How would you accomplish this?
By providing instructional “How to” video content around your products and or services without discussing the cost. The cost doesn’t matter if you deliver enough value in the beginning. Focus on delivering the value. Eg If you have a jewelry business, showcase how to wear the jewelry. When, where and which events to wear certain styles. Share information about your favorite pieces, be transparent and genuine. Share stories about previous customer purchases etc. Another eg. If you have an health and wellness business. Demonstrate how to prepare your products like the herbal teas, coffees, how and when to take the supplements, and the benefits to using the products. Share customer testimonials, Share personal testimonials. If you provide weight loss supplements a good example of this would be before and after pictures of your customers and personal testimonials etc. Don’t provide the cost until they ask for it. They may ask for the cost online by pressing the buy now button or, if you are in person they will simply ask you the cost. Focus on over delivering so that the cost seems a lot less than what they expected to pay.

Key points to remember.

1.Provide Instructional “How to” videos
2. Focus on delivering the VALUE!!!.
3. Don’t provide the cost until they ask for it.

4. Offer Free Monthly Webinars to Generate Qualified Leads and Prospects

This is a great opportunity to interact with potential clients in real time. The keyword to remember is “QUALIFIED.” If you provide the opportunity for qualified leads (people that are already aware of your products/ expressed interest but, has questions) to join your webinar for free, they will be easily attracted to join you for 30 mins to an hour. Webinars are one of the most powerful video platforms because conversion rate are higher than any other video platform. At the end of your informative presentation. You will provide a quick Q&A session for your potential customers to ask related questions. You will answer the questions and you will provide a link for the attendees to go to purchase products. Some examples of where you can set up a webinar for free is Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom and GoToWebinar.

5. Provide Easy To Understand Content About Your Industry

Provide easy to understand content about your industry and connect it to your blog, website and youtube. By using video marketing as a strategy when your competitors don’t, you are giving yourself leverage and creating a lifetime of value. The basic is the foundation of everything. There will be more people that will go through the basic level of anything because everyone needs a start. Everyone in any industry doesn’t make it to the advanced level. If you provide a bridge from beginners to the advanced level you will have a better chance of an audience that will be with you from start to finish. The key in this step is to KISS your content (Keep It Super Simple). Be consistent with uncomplicating things and providing simplified strategies. Your audience will love and appreciate the value that you provide. Remember people only buy from whom they respect, like and trust.

6. Use Video Testimonials To Build Trust and Credibility

You don’t have to be the only one that is creating videos for your website/ blog or YouTube channel. Kindly ask happy customers to create a 2-3 minute video about how your products or services has brought them value. Explain to them that these types of videos will help someone that is skeptical, and on the fence about trying the products or services make an informed decision. Provide the customer with an incentive for creating the video content. Video testimonials from customers are a powerful tool that will assist you in converting new clients and should be added to your sales funnel.


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