ATTENTION! Avoid Hot Button Topics on Business Social Media Accounts!


avoid hot button topics

Stay Calm, Remain Neutral

If you’re on social media at all, I’m sure you’ve noticed all the hoopla going on during the last month surrounding the recent controversy in Washington, DC.  As a social media strategist and manager, I want to tell you that if you own a business and have a presence on social media, the way you react to hot button topics will affect your business.  Unless you work for or own a company or organization that directly addresses a controversial topic (politics, religion, healthcare, immigration, etc.), it’s best to remain neutral in all your business social media posts.

The goal of most business owners is to grow their businesses and to do that, you need to attract more customers or clients.  These days, business owners need to be on social media – no ifs, ands, or buts! It can be an amazingly effective tool to reach your prospective customers and comes with an audience just too large to ignore.  By remaining neutral in your posts, it stands to reason that you could attract more people who are interested in your products or services by finding what you have in common with your customers/clients, not what you don’t have in common.  What you don’t have in common would become apparent very quickly if you comment on or post about controversial topics.

Why shouldn’t you voice your opinion on social media?avoid hot button topics

If there are topics about which you feel very strongly, comment or post, if you must, on your Facebook profile or other personal accounts and change the settings to only the people you choose.  However, even by doing this, you posts may offend prospective customers/clients who are also your social media “friends.” Case in point, I have a core group of girlfriends who have known each since elementary school (which was a LONG time ago!).  After last fall, I am now acutely aware of why we’ve been friends for so long….we never talk about politics or most other hot button topics (well, we never did until last fall!!). Believe me, we can find enough to talk about without stepping into any gold mines!  You can do this with your customers/clients, as well.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “People buy from those they know, like, and trust.”  It makes sense that in order to develop relationships with your followers and turn them into loyal customers/clients, it’s best to stay away from topics certain to drive a wedge between you and many of them.

Everyone looks good in green!

If your business is on social media (and you know by now that you should be if you’re not yet!), the end game is to build a successful, prosperous enterprise.  In order to do that, you need a continuous source of revenue. If you get one tidbit from this article, remember…..EVERYONE’S MONEY IS THE SAME COLOR….GREEN!!


About the author

Karen George has had a very eclectic career history spanning several decades.  She was a public school teacher for 7 years and served in various direct care and administrative positions in the mental health field for 15 years.  In 2013, she started her own event planning company. In the course of learning about social media to promote her company, she discovered a real fondness for social media strategy and management which unites two of her best skills: research and creativity.  In 2016, Karen launched Fluffy and Fido Social Media, her own social media and Facebook ads strategy and management company. Rebranding to KG’s Creatives in 2017, Karen has served clients in a variety of industries. Learn more about Karen here: