3 Unique (And Engaging!) Posts To Add To Your Social Media Rotation


3 engaging post ideas

Posts not getting any love? Mix it up and start getting strategic with these three post ideas.

3 engaging post ideas1. Let your audience choose

We make tons of decisions about our businesses on a daily basis. Some are bigger, like what services we’re going to offer, and some are smaller and of much less consequence. Most of the time, we’re going off of our own instincts and not thinking as much about what our customers or clients might like. Why not take one of those decisions and let your customers participate? People love to give their opinions, but often businesses aren’t taking advantage. In this example, a Realtor and flipper polled his audience on what color he should paint the door on his latest home project. The result? Tons of comments AND a perfect opportunity to do follow-up posts on the winner and the finished product. Bear in mind, it’s best to do these types of posts when you have a good visual (and of course when the decision isn’t crucial!)

2. Employee Feature

This post kills two birds with one stone. Highlighting an employee can be a great motivational tool for your staff (if you do it fairly!) and also show your employees they are recognized and appreciated. What it also does is demonstrate you’re providing jobs and have a great working environment, which always looks good to potential customers and future employees. Tag the employee and/or ask them to share it on their personal page for some extra reach on these types of posts. For a twist on this, consider doing an “Employee Takeover” and letting an employee share what they like about your company or the behind the scenes of their job on your channel (be sure to call out what you’re doing.) Don’t have employees? Choose a local business you use or partner with and give them a shout out (tagging them of course!)


3. AMA – AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything.”

3 engaging post ideas

This is your opportunity to be of service to your clients or customers by letting them ask a question about the industry you’re in. You’re the expert, show it off! Even if the questions are something you might normally charge a client for (for consultants or coaches) or if they’re about services or products you don’t provide but are still within your industry, it’s a great chance to let your customers know you’re available to help. And it just might give you some ideas for future blog posts or ventures. You could easily turn this into a regular feature by asking your customers to email you questions, and then using each question as its own post, similar to the example shown here. (Pro tip: If you have a decent following, these make GREAT Facebook or Instagram Live sessions.)

What do the posts on this list have in common? Two things.

  • None of them are actually about your product or service. When posting on social media, it’s important to go beyond what you’re selling and give potential customers a reason to do business with you. Posting content that shows you’re good to your employees and that you care about your customer’s feedback and needs builds trust, which is the first step toward a long term sales relationship.
  • All of these posts invite conversation and interaction with your audience, which is what social media algorithms are looking for when it considers which posts to show their users. So give your audience something to talk about!




About the Author
Nichole Rozendaal is small business coach and digital marketing consultant. Her passion is working with companies to develop clear, strategic communications plans that will help spread their message to the masses. In her spare time, she enjoys meeting with entrepreneurs all over the country and blogs about their stories and other small business topics at www.smallbusinesssociety.co.