Social Media’s overlooked marketing platform – Pinterest


pinterest the forgotten social media

While Instagram and Facebook are what most small business think of when you ask them about social media advertising, many overlook one of the the power-horses of driving social media sales – Pinterest. If your business can get your Pinterest strategy right, chances are you will be ahead of most of your competitors when it comes to securing sales.pinterest the forgotten social media

If Pinterest to you still brings up visions of only being craft projects and muffin recipes, think again. Here are some figures that should make anyone selling something sit up and pay attention:

1 in 2 millennials use Pinterest

That’s right – half of all US adults aged 18-34 use Pinterest at least once a month. Much of that use is for planning events and gifts.

29% of adults in the US use Pinterest

It is still behind Facebook, YouTube and Instagram but it is growing. And for businesses, the actions of people who use Pinterest is the important thing

93% of Pinners said they use Pinterest to plan purchases

That is a huge number of people looking to buy goods or services.

50% of users have made a purchase after seeing a promoted pin

Promoted pins work best when they are super targeted. If you know who your audience is and what they want, you have a great chance of success on Pinterest.

Pinterest users spend 29% more on retail than those who don’t use the platform, and are 39% more likely to be active retail shoppers. 90% of users say Pinterest helps them decide what to purchase.

So a huge potential audience who like to buy and are using Pinterest to help choose what they are buying!

So what do you need to do to drive sales with Pinterest?pinterest the forgotten social media

Convert to a Pinterest Business Account

Make sure that you Pinterest account is a business account. With a business account you can promote pins and also have access to a wide range of analytics that help you identify your audience and see how your pins are doing.

Optimise your pins

Your pins need to be appealing, both in terms of content, and how to are searched. Create tall vertical images, make sure you are using high quality images and don’t overwhelm them with too much text. Write compelling descriptions that use keywords relevant to your brand. Provide the answers people have come to Pinterest to find. And avoid sales-laden language.

Use tools

Use tools like Tailwind to find good quality pins and plan when to pin.

Consider using Rich Pins

Rich pins are different from regular pins in that you can include current pricing details and link directly to the pricing pins. If you use Shopify, using Rich Pins is even easier as it will configure your site for them!

Optimise your blog for Pinterest

If you use a blog there are a lot of things you can do to make sure you feature on Pinterest. Use optimised, quality pictures people would want to pin on each of your posts. Use rich pins on your blog. Make sure you you have a pin it button on each page of your blog and consider installing widgets that allow you to embed pins in your posts.

It all sounds too complicated!!!

Don’t worry – a lot of people find stepping up from using social media for fun to using it effectively for business is a huge step. Luckily, that is where social media managers come in! A good social media manager will be able to identify your best target markets, create content that appeals to them and then schedule when they are most likely to see it. If you are busy creating your products or delivering services, why not consider letting a professional get busy perfecting your social media?


About the Author

Natalia Forrest is a busy social media manager and marketer who also finds time to do things like homeschool her teenager, read too much and travel not enough. If you are looking for help with your social media in any capacity get in touch at and she will be happy to talk through options with you.