Finding the Perfect Venue

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Finding the perfect venue Last year, well last year was a whole different story. It was my first event, and it was set to go down in 90 days, so I took the best venue I could find on short notice for the first Social Media Marketing Made Easy conference. But this time I started well in advance and had … Read More

Oh Snap! Guest Blog by Melanie Diehl

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dropped ice cream cone

Oh Snap. I made a mistake. Actually, I made several mistakes. Nobody’s perfect. We all make mistakes. I probably make a few mistakes every day, whether I’m even aware of it or not. And it’s not intentional. But this one–wow. I almost blew it this time. I had a small project to complete for a client, and then I got … Read More

The Birth Of Social Media Marketing Made Easy

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The Birth of Social Media Marketing Made Easy While struggling to grow my own small business, “Every Little Thing Market” and navigate the vast world of social media marketing, I realized that the sheer volume of information can very quickly become overwhelming. I also recognized that the growth of my business depends on how well I use social media marketing. … Read More