Social Media’s overlooked marketing platform – Pinterest


pinterest the forgotten social media

While Instagram and Facebook are what most small business think of when you ask them about social media advertising, many overlook one of the the power-horses of driving social media sales – Pinterest. If your business can get your Pinterest strategy right, chances are you will be ahead of most of your competitors when it comes to securing sales. If … Read More

3 Unique (And Engaging!) Posts To Add To Your Social Media Rotation


3 engaging post ideas

Posts not getting any love? Mix it up and start getting strategic with these three post ideas. 1. Let your audience choose We make tons of decisions about our businesses on a daily basis. Some are bigger, like what services we’re going to offer, and some are smaller and of much less consequence. Most of the time, we’re going off … Read More

ATTENTION! Avoid Hot Button Topics on Business Social Media Accounts!


avoid hot button topics

Stay Calm, Remain Neutral If you’re on social media at all, I’m sure you’ve noticed all the hoopla going on during the last month surrounding the recent controversy in Washington, DC.  As a social media strategist and manager, I want to tell you that if you own a business and have a presence on social media, the way you react … Read More

Social Media Marketing For Small Business Owners Made Easy


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Did you know that the number of active social media users is expected to reach 3.02 billion monthly users worldwide by 2021? That is around a third of our planet’s entire population!! Looking at the United States 81% had at least one social account in 2017. No matter if you love or hate social media these statistics should be a … Read More

6 Ways to Impact Your Business with Video Marketing



  1. Clearly Define Your Goals of Your Video Content   Before you record a single video, take a moment to define what your video should achieve, what your audience should obtain from watching your video, and what you as the creator should gain from producing your video. Oftentimes, you may be tempted to create videos for the sake of … Read More

3 Ways You Can Expand Your Social Media Reach


3 Ways You Can Expand Your Social Media Reach

Whether you are trying gain new customers or just want to network with other professionals like yourself, your presence on social media matters. Let’s face it, networking is not like how it was back in the day.  Twenty years ago, business owners would see an ad in the paper for a networking event only to be greeted by stale donuts, … Read More

6 Ways to Increase your Instagram Following


instagram for small business

If you have a small business, you should be utilizing social media marketing to help grow your brand. Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media channels for brand awareness and growth. But there is more to growing your following than just posting an image and hoping for the best. Here are 6 ways to help increase … Read More

About Brussels sprouts & social media | guest blog by Melanie Diehl

Sharon BlackwellSMMME

get creative with engaging content

Brussels sprouts: yay or nay? You might be asking yourself, “what do Brussels sprouts have to do with social media?” Good question! The answer is this: it’s not about the controversial cruciferous vegetable, but about the the power of engaging content. As an experiment, I posted a very simple question on Facebook. And the engagement is CRAZY! Look at this … Read More

Finding the Perfect Venue

Sharon BlackwellSMMME

Finding the perfect venue Last year, well last year was a whole different story. It was my first event, and it was set to go down in 90 days, so I took the best venue I could find on short notice for the first Social Media Marketing Made Easy conference. But this time I started well in advance and had … Read More

Oh Snap! Guest Blog by Melanie Diehl

Sharon BlackwellSMMME

dropped ice cream cone

Oh Snap. I made a mistake. Actually, I made several mistakes. Nobody’s perfect. We all make mistakes. I probably make a few mistakes every day, whether I’m even aware of it or not. And it’s not intentional. But this one–wow. I almost blew it this time. I had a small project to complete for a client, and then I got … Read More